Donate for Champion of Hope: Education, Food and Health for Vulnerable Children

Partner with us and discover the Champion in You and use every avenue available to give hope to vulnerable families in need. Based on our ongoing research on the experiences of migrant children and women we attempt to address some of their roadblocks for a better future by setting up a Champion of Hope Center in the same vicinity. This is the start of many more Champions of Hope locations we aim to replicate across India.

Education, Food and Health Intervention for Children
The Champion of Hope centre provides Food for Education to provide daily hot, cooked meals to 155 vulnerable children attending non-formal school at the center. The goals of this program are to increase school enrollment, promote attendance, reduce dropout rates, and enhance the quality of education. And more importantly, to increase food security of the program participants thereby improving the health of children.

What we need to do:
Create the infrastructure for 5 classrooms Provide desks and school supplies
Build 2 toilets 
Hire qualified teachers
Build capacity of teachers and school management
Provide sanitary napkins for girls 
Provide digital learning medium for online courses and competency enhancement
Tie up with regular schools to enroll children into mainstream education 
Conduct health check-ups for children to maintain good health

155 children will show improvement in their educational performance
40% school-going children will be mainstreamed or enrolled with National Institute of Open Schooling, GOI Increased attendance rate and performance
Increased health and immunity levels of children, reducing falling-sick percentage by 80%
Improved infrastructure access to toilets, clean water and classes
155 children will have access to 1 meal everyday for a year Increased education, skills and career opportunities for the children
Increased enrollments within the first year
Increased savings of children’s parents due to access to free education and health care