Technology for development: Creating paths for a sustainable world

Technology can create a sustainable path to raising people out of poverty.  Together we can create the next opportunity to break the chain of poverty and make sustainable development for the world.

Responsenet technology solutions have a mission to accelerate humanitarian service.  We leverage global solutions used by industry and apply those to humanitarian needs.  Bringing what works in the for-profit sector to save lives and solve humanitarian challenges.  We help organizations to focus on relief and not administrative work.

Responsenet is a nonprofit technology company that is building and operating powerful technology hubs to support diverse stakeholders for efficient data and technology solutions to solve the world’s most challenging humanitarian crises.  We work with partners to make systems easy to use and efficient for both donors and field staff of NGOs and nonprofits to create the right innovations and right partnerships to maximize impact where it is needed the most.

Our teams have deployed solutions that have helped thousands of stakeholders collaborate and impact the lives of millions through project implementations, technology, communications, and partnerships.

Technology for humanitarian development:
       Supply chain solutions for humanitarian relief
       Humanitarian aid inventory solutions
       Warehouse management
       Transportation exchange
       Virtual volunteering
       Program management and workflow
       Food bank technology solutions
       Donated medicine tracing and monitoring
       Workforce training and development
       Fundraising solutions
       Digital transformation of organizations
       Cloud migration of legacy workflow and systems
       Nonprofit technology adaptation
       Technology solutions for field implementations
       Artificial intelligence (AI) solutions

Technology solutions for nonprofits
We leverage industry-leading technologies which are platform-independent providing end-to-end implementation and support for configurations and integrations providing 24×7 support.

Learn more and partner with us.  Write to [email protected] or call us at +91 981 000 7524